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Do you have a favorite book reviewer? If so tell us why you like this reviewer? If you do not have a favorite

reviewer, tell us what you would change about the way books are reviewed.

I know it is hard to be a book reviewer because there seems to be a concept if you like a book you might be showing

favortism to said author or series, book or that you just don't get the meaning of being a reviewer.

If you do not like the book then you don't get the meaning of reviewing books or worse you are picking on the author.

To be a good reviewer is a fine line to read, to be a better than average reviewer requires telling the truth at all times. no one shares the same views with everyone therefore reviews are subjective at best but after reviewing books for countless hours and for over seventeen years there is one thing I have learned and that is *I have the right to change my mind* and I often do change my mind.

For example I might love a series from the conception of the first book but along about number fourteen of the series it might begin to feel as though the book I'm reading is not grabbing my attention. Would this be the fault of the author is it my fault because I can no longer view the series with fresh eyes? Maybe it's a bad book because the author is having strugggles while writing the book?

Does that give me a right to complain about the book or give it a low review? No it doesn't what should happen is that the book be passed on to someone else to review when in doubt because it's only fair to the author and the reader.

Often I rave about an author and his or her books because I dearly love that book, it speaks to me and two such authors come to mind this morning.

Sue Grafton's latest book was a huge surprise when I read and reviewed it this year. Christopher Fowler's latest book while not a surprise that it was good but was a surprise that is was great.

I know that reading groups are a good source of reviews because the reader of these groups KNOW what works, which series/books they will pluck money down for or make a trek to the library in the pouring rain to pick up the next book in a series they love. There are open honest discussions of what they like in a book and yes while some readers may gush over an author they like the person ususally doesn't do it IF they don't read the books the author has written.

I understand that not all reviewers are totally honest and that reflects badly on the rest of us but I have to say that when I review a book it is about the book not the author or the publicist or what is popular. If I enjoy the book as a reader then my reviewer side will reflect this and if I don't likewise but I am true to myself first and that is all you can ask of any reviewer.

I might add that face to face reading group are a good idea because the feedback is very rewarding and insightful. Sometimes it's more about what you don't say in a review than what you do say but it all comes down to enjoyment, entertainment and the truth.


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  1. I really don't have a favorite reviewer. I listen to the conversations on the list for new authors and rely on my favorite authors. It's worked very well for the past few years. I've had very few stinkers.


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