Friday, August 6, 2010

Review - Laugh 'Til He Died

Publisher: William Morrow
Pub Date: May 2010
ISBN: 0 0030 18017 726
Death On Demand Mystery Series

Jean Hughes is having a really bad day and so she seeks Max Darling's help in solving her problem. The problem is that the man she was in love with is mean and cruel. Booth Wagner loves to play cruel practical jokes and it seems Jean is at the mercy of his latest joke. He met Jean supposidly fell in love with her and moved her to Boward's Rock Island. She thought they would be married he even got her on the board The Haven a place for children of all ages to have good meals, play games help volunteer and so many other worthy events.
But Booth is a married man and he has no intention of marrying Jean, Booth's wife Neva was having an affair with the golf pro, Booth is Tim's step-father as neva's first husband died and Booth also has an exwife and daughter from a previous marriage.
It soon becomes apparent that everyone hated Booth and with good cause even his long time friend Larry the insurance agent. Max uncovers Booth's latest scheme on Jean and he thinks he has a way to make everything right for Jean.
But Booth has blackmailed Jean into giving up being the Director of The Haven. Jean has a dying sister and if she doesn't resign then Jean and Giselle will have to leave the cottage as Booth owns the cottage. Giselle wants to die at the cottage and Jean has to grant this one last wish.
The night she is to resign there is a big outdoor party and Booth goes on stage to make the announcement but not before he is shot and killed. This makes Jean the prime suspect of Booth's murder.
The clock is ticking as the day before Booth dies a young computer geek is found dead from an accident. Max doesn't think it is an accident and before long he has a long list of suspects and his hands full trying to keep Jean Hughes out of jail.
Annie helps along with her group such as Ingrid, Henny, Laurel and a couple more of Annie's favorite crime solvers. Are parents to blame? Nobody is safe on the island and even the Haven cook quits after the Haven keeps getting broken into there is a witch afoot and Annie wants to know who the wicked witch is that is terrying teens and murdering anyone who knows the real reason Booth Wagner had to die.
LAUGH 'TIL HE DIED by Carolyn Hart is a layered mystery with all the charm that low country living can bring. Although the plot is a little thin it is a charming summer mystery.
I give this mystery ********
Pamela James

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