Monday, August 30, 2010

Review - Missing Mabel by Nancy Mehl


Author: Nancy Mehl

Publisher: BARBOUR

Genre (Hometown Mysteries)

ISBN: 978-1-60260-308-1

Trade Paperback Cozy

Hilde Higgins is a hair stylist for the dead. Hilde is called to work on Mabel Winnemaker's dead which is fine but on the second visit to the funeral home Hilde knows that Mable is not the woman laying in the casket. So when she reports her findings to the funeral director he insists that she is wrong as a matter of fact dead wrong.

Hilde knows she is right and working off the photo of the dead woman she knows that Mabel would never part her hair the way the mistaken Mabel has her hair parted.

If all of this isn't enough then Hilde is accused of stealing a dead woman's diamond ring. To Hilde reputation is everything in her line of work so she sets her mind to finding out what happened to the real Mabel and who the other woman is being buried as Mabel she tries to go to the right people but nobody will listen.

Then an old boyfriend comes shows up out of the blue and he listens. Hilde's mother gives her a lecture and Hilde's friends worry about her but Adam Sawyer listens and she loves that he does and so does an unexpected new friend.

Gabe Bastian who is an antique store owner across from the boarding house that Hilde lives in, Gabe is older and quite frankly a huge mystery in his own right but soon Hilde is sharing meals at his place. gade doesn't think she is crazy but instead warns her of the danger of her investigation.

Soon there is a fire at the funeral home and another person dies. The suspect list is climbing and Hilde won't stop until she sets matters right. After all we can't have relatives visiting the wrong grave or the wrong person cremated.

What happens next is worse than a bad hair day.

There is only one Nancy Mehl and her writing is pure heaven. All summer I have wanted to read the perfect cozy and I have found it in MISSING MABEL which is absolutely the best mystery of the summer.

I give her book ten stars and look forward to the next HOMETOWN MYSTERY by Nancy Mehl.

Pamela James/reviewer


  1. Well, that's good enough for me. I'm adding this one to my list.

  2. Oh, my. Thank you so much Pamela. You've made my day!



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