Monday, August 30, 2010



My highlight of the weekend was pretty much watching movies yesterday and then I tuned in to the Coach Marathon. I forgot how much I really like that show. It was fun to rewatch some of the episodes and I even DVRed a couple of my favorite ones.

This week I am going to have my snowman stitched by Thursday as that is our Wedding Anniversary and I want to start stitching my Halloween Ornaments over Labor Day Weekend. Then I will go back to my Santa and Snowman Sampler.

Today I have reviews to write and I just heard that Kyra Sedgewick got an ememy for "The Closer" very happy about that and a couple of other people who won.

I'm not beginning blog week with any one topic today but instead just a little chatting this morning. I did watch Inspector Lewis on PBS last night both movies were good and look forward to more of them.

Okay time for breakfast and I hope everyone has a bright and beautiful day.




  1. I am glad Kyra won too but am most happy that Bryan Cranston won for Breaking Bad. he is so brilliant on that show.


  2. I was so happy that Krya won the award.

  3. Happy about Krya but I was rooting for Sharon Gless - Maddie in Burn Notice. Didn't happen.


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