Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Book shelves

The holidays are coming up and if you have a guest room, or grandchild and children coming to visit my question today is ..."Do you have bookshelves for your guests or family?

I actually do have a small bookshelf with color books, children's books, a few young adult books and a few books that I think my children might like to flip through while they are home for the holidays.

I think I never want anyone to run out of something to read at my house. I was raised in a family where unless you were reading a cookbook reading was not encouraged. I find the older I become the more I stress reading with my grandchildren. I will read to them or they can read to me.

There are some readers in our family and I find it interesting that their taste vary so much one from another. Melissa loves history, war books and classic lit books. Fiction is not her thing and I love mysteries of a wide variety romances and biographies plus some history books.

Frank is cookbooks and handyman books all nonfiction reading. Daughter inlaw loves horror, mystery (more hardboiled and children's books.

My son loves to read legal thrillers, my daughter Amanda loves Inspirational fiction and light romances. Mishell likes to read romantic suspense and historical romances.

One of my Son in law reads all types of Chirstian Fiction and nonfiction while another one loves Suspense and best sellers.

Grandchildren it's the same way some of them like Sci Fi (Chase really likes it) and books on the planets while others like adventure books etc....I am lucky that while some of them would rather play video games other still love to read.

So I ask do you have a guest book shelf and how is it working out for you? I mean for guest staying longer than overnight like a week or more which happens here from time to time and most guests and family stay three to four days. I will in 2011 be having some stitchers visiting and I know all three love to read so whether they stay here or at a hotel I plan on making sure that if they do not bring books they are more than welcome to borrow some of mine.




  1. I have book shelves all over my house with pretty much every genre. So I expect most people could find something if they want to.


  2. I have some sort of bookshelf in most rooms in my house but for guest browsing I like baskets. Scattered all over the house, filled with books. Some are for the kids. Others have a wider variety. Hopefully something for everyone.

  3. I do have a guest book shelf. There are some stories of colonial New England, there is a book on country cats, there a book of short crime stories from the Alqonquin circle, and a book of short ghost stories. Those have just ended up in there for variety. I would customize more for the individual guest.

  4. I have all kinds of books everywhere. The only thing I didn't have was military history. My grandson filled that one in (he was a game kid). I also have a couple shelves of board games for interaction.


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