Wednesday, September 1, 2010



Author: Sally Goldenbaum

Genre: Classic Mystery Series


ISBN: 978-1-60285-762-9

Hard Cover (LP)

Portia "Po" Paltrow is a quilter, a writer, and heads the Queen Bee Quilters Group in Crestwood, Kansas. Po loves to start her day jogging and takes the route by all the quaint shops on Elderberry Road but to her surprise she find Owsen Wilson dead and soon Jo and the other queen bee quilters discover that Owen was murdered.

The list of suspects grows and the eight members of the queen bee quilters begin to piece together more than a quilt although they are doing that too as in making their friend Selma an anniversary quilt using the Crystal Star Pattern that came out in the Kansas City Star piece by piece fifity years ago.

Owen was chairman of the Art History Department of Canterbury College and for the most part he well a well loved professor and while he had his opinions as of late the topic was changing the Elderberry Road quaint shops into a more mecca of progression. Po thought this was a poor idea but would anyone really murder Owen over a disagreement?

The police think it's robbery and he was a victim of being at the wrong place at the wrong time but Po doesn't think this makes sense since if someone were going to rob any of the shop it sure wouldn't be a quilt and dry goods shop?

The more she learns the more the quilters stitch together what happened that dreadful day and before long all roads and threads lead to one person with a motive to kill Owen Wilson. Howevr not before yet another murder happens maing their talent for sleuthing even more in demand.

MURDERS ON ELDERBERRY ROAD is a timeless classic of the american cozy mystery. If you're not a quilter you will still want to read this mystery because while the theme maybe quilting the subject murder.

I have a feeling that in this series the best is yet to be and we've already discovered that the cream does rise to the top in this series.

I give this one nine out of ten for being a cozy lover's dream mystery.


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