Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pamela's August reads

August Reads: I have just been giving letter grades for monthly reads.

1. Missing Mabel by Nancy Mehl At

2. Three At My Door by Rex Stout At

3. Nine Lives Last Forever by Rebbeca M. Hale A

4. Dying For A Clue by Judy Fitzwater At

5. Manna From Hades By Carola Dunn Bt

6. Death Of A Trophy Wife by Laura Levine Bt

7. Murder On Elderberry Road by Sally Goldenbaum Bt

8. This Old Murder by Valerie Wolzien Bt

9. Ringing In Murder by Kate Kingsbury At

10. A Glimpse Of Evil by Victoria Laurie At

11. Mrs. Pollifax On Safari by Dorothy Gilman Bt

12. Death by Cashmere by Sally Goldenbaum A

13. The Hanging Tree by Bryan Gruley At

14. Bitter Sweets by G.A. McKevett Bt

Okay there was also Carolyn Hart's latest Death On Demand Mystery but I cannot remember the exact title. There was also another Selma Eichler and I do remember it being really good both books were probably A material. I have returned them to the library so that would be a totla of sixteen books for the month. Which is really good for me this month.



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