Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stitching Stash

Good Morning,

Terri and I don't always blog about books and today is one of those times for me. Instead I want to say that
I now have my cross stitch stash organized. I know what patterns I have and in what themes they are, my kits are organized, my kitted up projects are organzied and my floss, magazines and fabby are organized. This is the first time
in two years that I can honestly say that happened and here is what I am over the top on and what I am lacking.

I am over the top on floral (no more floral patterns)
I have plenty of (Angel Patterns) no more angel patterns.
I have plenty of Christmas Patterns that have to do with the outdoors and houses.
I do have  a lot of Gingerbread Patterns (But I have stitched at least half of those), which is a good thing!
I have several Coffee Patterns and a few Tea Patterns ( I really need to finish some of the ones I've started), and now I can find them.
I have several large Halloween Patterns (which of course makes me happy as it's my favorite holiday.
I have plenty of snowman patterns ( I do not actually need anymore snowman patterns) which is good to know.
I have several Santa Patterns (but I need to purchase two more in the same size that I need for the sampler I am working on) and so now I know which is a good thing.
I have several kits and while I might change out the floss or fabby for the kits it's good to know what I do and don't have in this area.
What I am lacking is small Halloween Patterns, fabby and floss.
I am also over the top on baby patterns, kids patterns, sports patterns, hand towels and stamped items such as baby blankets etc...
I don't have many patterns that are Valentine's Day related which is good because I don't care for that holiday and I only have one or two St. Patrick's Day Pattern (which is fine with me)
I own two HAED Patterns both were gifts.
I find that other than holiday and floral patterns I really don't have much else in my stash but I do have a few things like crate label patterns, bear patterns and a few lighthouse patterns.
I'm thrilled to know all of this because now I truly know I seem to shop for the same themes over and over which of course means I need to maybe branch out a little from my comfort zone. LOLOL have no idea what else interests me but at least I know what I do and don't need.
Okay stitchers tell us what you lack and what you need, when was the last time you organized your cross stitch stash?  What you like to cross stitch and what you like to design if you're a designer?
Believe it or not all of this was very enlightening to me last night. I am very glad I took the time to organizie my stash.

What a beautiful morning!


  1. I'm just jealous that you are that organized. I was pleased to start a notebook and fill a couple of clear totes with my stuff. Soon, I hope.....

  2. My plan that within the next 2 weeks to totally organize my stash too - especially since I've given away a lot of the older stuff I had purchased when I was into doing whatever LOL. I have a thing for buying whatever is on super sale and then realizing that it is something I will never, ever do. Congrats on your organization.

  3. Mare. You're doing good with the notebook so keep at it and I hadn't organzied my cross stitch in two years.
    Dottie, Good for you and I know what you mean about giving things away. I packed two boxes of cross stitch and other craft things last night to give my two grandaughter's Hailey and Cassie this weekend. This should keep them in cross stitch for the next five years.LOL They both love to stitch on summer breaks and Christmas Breaks. They love Precious Moments and I had a lot of that which means I must've been on a PM kick like ten years ago!LOL

  4. Oh dear. I try to leave comments when I read blogs (because I hope people will do the same for me) but since I'm totally inept when it comes to anything sewing related (I've been known to put patches on boy scout uniforms with a hot glue gun or a stapler) I guess I'll just slink quietly away.

  5. Oh Linda,
    Don't slink away I can't SEW either at least not well enough to say that I can sew. Counted Cross Stitch is totally different. LOL Now my daughters can sew and quilt my only talent besides writing books is baking bread and counted cross stitch. Hang in there tomorrow will be a different topic and we have authors lined up for September, October and November.

  6. I defintely have LOTS of Halloween and Fairies. crows and Cats, dragons, bookmarks, fun sayings also have quite a few. Most patterns are in ACCESS database listed alpha by designer then chart name.

    But as to where they are....well not so easy

  7. My favorites are faeries, angels, butterflies, birds, flowers, gardens, Christmas, Halloween and feel as though I never have enough....I did recently organize my statsh and realized I have very little in the floral, so guess I'll be adding to it as well as Halloween...I love organizing, knowing what I do or don't have...I think what you did was aweseome...You go girl...Kudos!! hugs, Skye

  8. Terri,
    It is so much fun to read what everyone likes to stitch. I find I like Noir Patterns but don't have many of those and I really like cat patterns but not the real life cats or the cutsey but more Noir and retro plus I like the labels of years gone by like the Clabber Girl, Morton Salt Girl and the Campbell Kids. I also like the quilt patterns you can cross stitch. Which also by reading your email reminds me of the fact I need more Fairy Patterns. I love the sharing of information we get from the blogs. ACCESS will be checked out by me.

  9. Skye,
    It was tiring but at least now it's done. I love reading about what all of you like to stitch. What surprised me is I started this project about 3:00 in the afternoon and was done by 9:00 last night. One day and it's done and I've stressed over it for months. LOL

  10. Pam, it sounds like you have a good assortment of designs for any occasion. I know I have lots of cats, teddy bears, cats, Christmas ornaments, cats, Christmas designs in general, and did I mention cats!! LOL!! I have to do a little more organizing but for the most part I've got all my charts in binders. I just have a pile here that has be to entered on my Excel spreadsheet and put in the appropriate binder. I procrastinate waaaaaay too much!!

  11. Patricia,
    Yep the next step is to get them on the computer and into access so I can keep track of what I have. Heck I have a nine drawer dresser I keep them in and it actually has empty drawers right now (two I think) so I did well depleting stash and organizing it. By far Christmas is my biggest stash.
    I am very happy the worst is behind me and like you I love cats and I seem to love coffee patterns a lot too LOLOLOL

  12. I'm envious of everyone's organizational skills. I think over Xmas break I will go through my 20 year collection and database them. I've been trying to clear them out as I find them and really like the small short xstitch patterns the best. Does anyone know where I can purchase coffee patterns esp. Dragon Dreams Coffee is magic in the morning? Thanks & keep stitching!!


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