Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Inspector Lewis Mysteries

Inspector Lewis Mysteries:

I became hooked on Inspector Lewis Mysteries before they were a thought way back when Lewis was a sidekick to Inspector Morse. I have watched this actor grow and I admire the easy way he makes acting a crime solving so interesting. Now he has a sidekick named Hathaway and the more I watch the two of them the better I like the pair.

I thought last night's episode with the quizz contest was especially interesting not to mention the fact that for a long while Inspector Lewis did not date. His wife Valarie had been murdered and until the murderer was caught it was like he couldn't move on but indeed thanks to Hathaway the murderer was finally caught and now Inspector Lewis is starting to date.

If you have not watched these PBS Mysteries you are really missing out because these are quality mysteries that any mystery lover will love. You can also get them from Netflix and while you're at it you might as well make a list for there is Frost, Midsomer Mysteries, Campion, Ruth Rendell Mysteries, P.D. James and a whole host of other mysteries that PBS and Netflix offers.

With winter coming soon and the mystery of autumn beginning this week this just the type of programing that will get you through those dark dreary days of winter and challenge your gray cells this fall.



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  1. I am a Masterpiece Mystery junkie. I missed the Sunday broadcast but taped it for tonight.
    I really like the way Lewis has developed and watching Hathaway's character is fun.


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