Friday, September 17, 2010

A Cross Stitcher's Delight

A Cross Stitchers Delight:

How long does it take you to finish a small project, a medium project and a large project? For me it depends on wehter or not I stop off to do a small project inbetween larger projects. Ususally I can stitch a small project in an afternoon to three weeks. I don't stitch everyday but I am getting better at picking up the needle.

What was your last finished project? With the holidays coming soon are you spending more time stitching or about the same?

I actually am trying to spend more time stitching but that is because I want to try and increase my focus and to stay with something until it is completed.

What is the one cross stitch project that still speaks to you after all of these years ?

You know cross stitch is a form of self expression and it is also a form of art so what does your cross stitch say about you?

I do a lot of fun projects which tells me that I have very little fun (this may change soon) but for now I am sure that my stitching is a reflection of my want for fun and enjoyment. It also reflects how much I like certain holidays and my love of beauty. I like timeless projects that can be enjoyed now for fifty years from now.

Also I think a part of me remembers how much I enjoy books and enjoyed books growing up. Such as fables and fairie tales. I loved Peter Pan, Alice In Wonderland and Sleeping Beauty.

Today stitchers tell us how your stitching reflects who you are?



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  1. Don't have time for a lot of questions today but I will say it all varies. I stitch in spurts. It can be finished really quick or sit unfinished for ages. I am also easily distractible so can go from project to project in a flash



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