Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Past Life

A Past Life:

Do you think that you have lived a past life? Who do you think you were and how does it reflect on who you are today?

For me I think I must have been a stitcher of some sort as I love hand work and most especially cross stitch. However I am not all that good at it in this life so I probably did not stitch for Kings and Queens of royality. More like I stitched in a shop of sorts.....

Writing the same way as I am not Mark Twain or Edgar Allen Poe. The topic is something to reflect on because I find that I have a lot o feelings of having lived another life before now and that I especially feel connected to the Victorian age and the 1940's decade. Maybe I've lived more than one past life......

Even if you do not believe in such things it is fun to ponder who you might have been in a past life.

I can't explain why but I keep reflecting on shops and clothing plus handiwork. I've dreamed dreams that make no sense to me especially set in another era.

So today let's chat about past lives and what they might mean to us today or what we can learn from a past life about the future....




  1. I beilieve in past lives but I actually don't think it is the belief that is important.

    When people have memories or regressions or whatever, whether it is real or not is less important than what we can learn about the cycles we repeat and the lessons we are trying to learn in order to grow personally and spiritually.

    Whether I really was a young man who died during WWI in France, who can say? But I can say that the feelings I experienced shed some light on issues I was having in my life at the time and provided a focus for me to direct some change at that time.


  2. Terri,

    I think this is why the topic intrigues me because we all have a different take on what a past life means. I agree that (I) am striving to be a better person in this life. it is an uphill struggle and in order to make the most of today I must understand the past and my part in it. My big question is why do I continue to cross stitch when I know I probably will never be any better at it than I am right now? I will say that I love the feel of the fabric and creating something from a blank canvas such as counted cross stitch, writing a mystery and painting. I am drawn to a blank slate but each time I feel as though it is my destiny to follow my hands in creating something my soul is striving to acheive and hasn't yet accomplished it's goal. I can see myself so plainly sitting in a sitting room stitching while wearing a victorian dress and there are other times I see myself in a shop dressed in a 1940's outfit measuring a woman for a new dress or wardrobe.

  3. I've maintained for years that I was in steerage on the Titanic. I've always had a fascination for that ship, and that ship only, plus you can NOT get me anywhere near water that is over my head! LOL. Oh, and the Irish heritage fits.

  4. Mare,
    I love this topic and we learn so much about eachother. I actually think I was in another country in a past life and since I am half Italian it fits....not to mention the other half is english and polish. (Okay now hush everyone) I know what you're thinking. LOLOL


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