Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cozy Thrills

Cozy Thrills:

Would you read a cozy featuring an insurance investigator as your protag? How about a Taxi Driver as a protag? A Photographer who is a sleuth? For as many cozies as we have out there on the market there still seems to be only a few niches taken up with this genre. Today let's see if we can come up with some skills, job or area that might work for a protag or cozy mystery.

What are some of the tried and true occupations that you like in a cozy? I like bed-n-breakfast cozies and cruise cozies.




  1. To me, insurance investigator seems outside of cozies ala Kinsey Milhone. More like a PI.

    But then there are librarians (love those), shop owners, caterers.... Those I enjoy.

    I think anytime it is a cozy we do have to suspend belief a LITTLE bit. LOL


  2. I would read about a taxi driver, insurance investigator, and a photographer. I'm really not too picky as long as some one gets bumped off. LOL

  3. There's lots of possibilities - how about a penguin collector? Lol, seriously I like librarians, antique shop owners, craft people as amateur sleuths.

  4. LOLOLOL I love what Mare said! And I think a taxi driver has many possibilities. : )

  5. I don't care what the protag does as long as they don't try to teach me to do something in the main MS-- like cook, make a quilt, etc. Show me the poison was in the pie but don't put the recipe in the middle of a chapter. Just me, though there are a lot of people who like that form.

  6. So far nobody has answered my orginal question which is "Can you come up with a never been used occupation for a sleuth? Or for a cozy mystery series?


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