Friday, September 10, 2010

Culinary Mysteries

Culinary Mysteries:

Have you ever thought about taking a recipe and building a mystery around it? I can see where bread pudding would have it's merits for a murder mystery. I don't like the taste of liver so I think any poison or wrong mushroom in something like a liver dish or casserole would be covered with the awful taste.

What meal, dish or casserole maybe dessert or salad do you think would make a great deadly meal to dine on? I ask this because I like culinary mysteries and I'm waiting for someone to come up with Dishes To Die For.....literally!

I'm also a cross stitcher and so I can picture a woman with anger issues stitching away as she plots her husband's favorite meal and of course the key to what she has done is in the sampler she stitches. Of course she wouldn't be the one to make the meal, serve the meal and may not even be there when he eats it as she must have an alibi.

I think someone who knows something about herbs I would want to keep on my good side as I wouldn't want to be a dinner guest if I was sure the person didn't like me much and only invited me to be polite.

Do you have a favorite culinary mystery series that you like? There are plenty of them out but not as many as before. The publishing world can be a cruel mistress....and these days she is more apt to pick another lover than try to stick with the tried and true.

Anyway thought I would give you food for thought as you go into your weekend!




  1. I too enjoy culinary mysteries but I wonder how with the improvement of tox screens etc... how much harder it is to get away with poisonings these days?

  2. Avery Aames has caught me with the cheese shop mystery series. You are absolutely correct about liver hiding the taste of might even improve the dish. LOL

  3. I really like the Gray Whale Inn series by Karen MacInerney - some great sounding recipes at the end. I was reading Joanna Fluke but the never ending Hannah, Norman, Mike triangle irritated the heck out of me so I stopped reading the series.


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