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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Words Word Work


What words would you like to drop from your vocabulary? If words are our canvas then I am in trouble. I have to say it all started with the word so because we I talk I use so or soooo (to drag out my meaning) and have been known when reflecting on a person of whose real name I don't want to use as so and so.....

What are some of your catch words that you would like to quit using or maybe you realized later that you didn't use that word in the proper context?

Another one for me is (But) "But I said, but I meant, but but but) and I might add I probably need to learn some new words and their meaning as I seem to use the same words over and over which of course if I notice this problem then I am sure other people notice it even more.

I'm afraid that my canvas might be a picture of a cloudy day. I say this because sometimes my words get in the way of th real meaning of my conversation.

Then of course we have the pesky words (the ones that end in ING), for the most part they can make your meaning and conversations weak.

Tell us what words you struggle with and how you feel about your canvas of words today.




  1. I say you know too much. I hate it. But it is NOT as bad as it used to be


  2. I think I need to be more prolific about finding new words to use.

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