Monday, October 18, 2010

Are you a good conversationalist?


For the life of me I cannot keep up my end of conversations. I try I really do but to be honest I have lost the art of conversation. I do the same thing over and over again most weeks and it's a good week if I find a stain remover good enough to remove stains. I mean who actually wants to talk about stain remover to their friends and family?

Somewhere along the way my life became boring, my husband is very quiet so not much happens that he discusses with me. My friends all live pretty exciting lives in their own and to top it all off I am a hermit. Truth be told when I am around a bunch of people I still have nothing to contribute. I do a lot of listening but I wonder how I became an author because aren't you supposed to have something to write about so okay mine is fiction but it still had to be believeable.

This weekend we are going to my youngest daughter's house and I have to say within twenty four hours I will be out of conversation. Nada I got nothing and she once again will think she has the most boring mom in the world. LOL

You know I was not always like this and I hope that some day I can make watering the plants sound interesting but I don't hold out much hope at the moment because it's laundry day........




  1. Pam, I have the same problem. My job is technical and if I start talking techie to people, their eyes glaze over. So I try to have one topic or current event in mind that everyone seems to have an opinion on and I just toss out that topic. Most of the time I don't even need to offer my opinion, just bring up the topic and let everyone else weigh in with theirs.

    Of course, this plan requires more than two people in the conversation so I hope you and your youngest daughter will have some company.

  2. I'm with you, Pam. That's why I'm terrible on the phone. I never have been a good 'talker'. I always love being around people who talk a lot so I don't have to. ;) Cathryn

  3. I'm do what Linda does. This is why I watch the news. Well, not right now, the TV is on the blink. But that gives you common topics that, maybe, other people have heard of and have thought about.

    I could talk about writing or about computer programming for a long time, but there has to be someone else interested. Monologues aren't good. :)


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