Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My trip to kansas City


This past weekend I made a trip to see my family in the Kansas City area....on Saturday night we ate at CRAZY OLIVES which is located on the boats (Casino) and I loved the restaurant. Because I love chicken so much I had Chicken Fried Chicken but the atmosphere was wonderful. Old wine barrels and it was kinda wonderful in an old world/new world kinda way.

Then I went to the slots and this was my first time. I can tell you right now I had way way too much fun. I did come home with 2.67 Hee hee....well it was more than Frank walked away with and I mean a dollar slot carried me for over an hour so it was cheap entertainment for a while.

Like the tv show Castle in which Rick Castle soaks up everything I was much the same way Saturday night. I loved the free drinks. Took in the hard core gamblers, there was a Sherlock Holmes themed slot machine and I lost the most on that one just because I wanted to match wits with the detective and wouldn't give it up. I won the most on the Lucky Numbers one and the Egyptian Slots....LOL it was the most fun I had in a long while. My daughter was surprised how much I loved and how much her father could care less about but then again he did lose more money than I did and to be fair her father is rather not one to think of it as entertainment. He took it too seriously that's okay I was having enough fun for all of us.

I think the trick is to set a limit and no more no less because it can be rather addictive for us fun loving carefree types. LOL....anyway I love adventures so it worth it.

On Sunday we made homemade sugar cookies and decorated them and by "we" I mean little Aiden, Chase, Jay's girlfriend Erin, myself, my daughter Melissa and we made...bats,ghosts, witch's hats, pumpkins, brooms, frankensteins, black cats. We went a little crazy and dozens of cookies later Melissa's kitchen had touches of purple, black, gray, white, orange, lime green and yellow colored frosting everywhere.

I went to Hobby Lobby (there is a story behind this that I will address later in the week) but all I came home with was Disney Mickey Mouse Kit and some floss. Never made it to Barnes & Noble but did stop at Hastings on the way home.

The Ghost & Gangsters Tour of Kansas City didn't happen yet Melissa had bought the tickets but forgot to make the reservations in time however she did find out it's all year round so we are going in the spring.

The Chiefs lost their football game on Sunday afternoon so we had a few bored and grumpy men around the house.....LOL

So you ask what I am doing right now? I am munching on a black frosted bat and thinking that on my next trip to Kansas City I want to go to Goardman's an shop for a new purse.....meanwhile the middle of November the Kansas City bunch will be at my house.......

I did watch the movie The Lovely Bones late Saturday night......Melissa came home and went to sleep I watched the movie.I couldn't turn it off I had to know and then when I knew it was so sad!

So what all did everyone else do last weekend?




  1. I am not big on slots but I really enjoy craps.


  2. Wow, sounds like you had a great time...Of course, add to the fact that you got to visit with your grandchildren made this trip stellar..I'm glad you had a great time and still looking forward to hearing about your Gangsters and Ghots tour in the spring...

  3. What fun. I love the cookies. I'll have to look at my cookie cutters. I know I have an axe. I bought it at a flea market a few years ago, but Doug also got me a big box of them. I'll be that there are Halloween cutters in there.

    I can't wait to hear about the tour...


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