Friday, November 19, 2010

Wish List

Wish List

Last night I posted book covers on my facebook page and decided to make a wishlist for my Christmas Mysteeries. Here are the main ones I came up with and of course I am going to ask what is on your book wishlist this year?

SECOND HAND SPIRITS by Julie Blackwell

DEAD and KICKING by Wendy Roberts

THE LIES THAT BIND by Kate Carlisle


The fun thing about this list is that all but Cleo's books are new to me authors so I will have fun discovering new talent and that always adds to my reading pleasure.

My next question is have you discovered any new authors lately?

Currently I have a ton of books from the library to read and return. This would not be sooo daunting if it were not for th fact we are doing our family Thanksgiving tomorrow which means no reading for me until Sunday or Monday and if I didn't have so many books to read and return this wouldn't be so bad.

As you can read books have been on my mind a lot lately and so far I haven't a found a good Christmas Mystery to read this year. I still have time to find one.




  1. I read and loved the First Wendy Roberts book!


  2. You might want to read Kate Carlisle's first book first. My wish list is looking much like yours. I recently been directed to Mary Stanton, Karen White, and Janice Weber. I really enjoy the three of them and their books are certainly gracing my wish list along with all of the other series I'm woefully behind on. Here's hoping 2011 is a more organized year for me.

  3. Actually Pam, that Wendy Roberts looks new to me. I've never heard of her before. Now I'll have to go online to my library and see if they have any of her books available.

    And have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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