Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast and have a wonderful time. For those with nothing happening just know I am in the same boat. We celebrated early so now I am making out Christmas Cards, hanging the outside lights and will be attending Frank's holiday gathering for his side of the family on Saturday Evening. My tree is up and the house still looks pretty good so I will be doing some reading and watching the Christmas Movies.

For our Christmas Celebration we will have it on January 1st as we are waiting for Erin & Jay to return for Lake Charles, La that week.

This year we seem to be circling all the holidays.

Our weather is supposed to turn a lot colder day after tomorrow. Then by the weekend we are back to the 50's...........

Anyway HAPPY THANKSGIVING and don't forget to claim the wishbone so you can make a wish..........

I'll have an early start to A Christmas Story, Uncle Buck, Scrooged and Planes Trains and Automobiles.



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