Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Merry Murder

Merry Murder:

I am convinced everyone has their 'Go-To' movies for evry ocassion. So when I am feeling the family dynamics and even my family doesn't know this one I go to this movie. The Divine Secrets Of The Ya Ya Sisterhood..............

I play it this morning before I blogged as I wanted to be sure to get the facts right....

This story has everything...sisterhood bonding, children angst, friendship, marriage, past depression, when nothing but a drink will get you through the next moment...followed by prayer, kidnapping, the parent you THOUGHT you knew, success and of course failure. This movie reminds me what is important, what to laugh off and who to shoot!

So I ask you this holiday season what is your "Go-To Movie?"

See I break it down like this.....

If I want laughter : Funny Farm

If I want a great mystery plot: Murder On The Orient Express

If I want to cry: My Girl

If I want simplier life: Arsenic and Old Lace (LOL I know right)!

If I want to be Thankful It's A Wonderful Life

If I want Christmas Memories: A Christmas Story

BUT if I want to just be a little crazy and a little laughter then it's Devine Secrets Of The Ya Ya Sisterhood.

So what's your crazy collection?


  1. Laughter - Outrageous Fortune
    Mystery - Usual Suspects
    Cry - The Rock
    Thankful - Home for the Holidays
    Christmas - The Christmas List

    Interesting thoughts I'm having now. LOL

  2. I absolutely love Home for the Holidays!


  3. Oh Mare, Outrageous Fortune is a movie my daughter Melissa and I watch together a lot it's sooo funny. I have it ordered on my Neflix Que and it should be here this week.

  4. Laughter - Young Frankenstein
    Mystery - Deathtrap
    Cry - Ghost
    Simpler Life - not usually anything I want - cant think of anything
    Thankful - Home for the Holidays
    Christmas - Scrooged

  5. What a cool idea! I've never really thought about movies that way, but let's see...
    Laughter: It'd have to be either Monty Python & the Holy Grail or Wal-E
    Mystery: Dead Again
    Cry: I usually listen to music for that. ;)
    Simpler Life: that's a stumper. I'm not sure, maybe Sense & Sensibility?
    Thankful: Might sound funny, but Lilo & Stitch. There's a line Stitch says about their family being little & broken, but it's still good. It always reminds me to be thankful & happy for what I have.
    Holiday: A Christmas Carol with George C Scott. He was such a great Scrooge. ;D

  6. George C. Scott did make a great Scrooge. Terri I love Deathtrap and that is one I don't have to order from Netflix since I own it. I watch it every January after the holidays.

  7. Wow! Great blog theme.

    Family at Christmas- The Family Stone
    HAVE to watch - Every form of The Christmas Carol
    Nostalgia - The Big Chill
    Childlike Christmas- The Santa Clause
    Happily Ever After- Pretty Woman

    Also to watch at Christmas - The Family Man
    Love it Pamela, Thanks!!! Cathryn

  8. Cathryn,
    I love to watch The Big Chill and I just watched the Family Stone day before yesterday. Pretty Woman is another great movie to feel good by and I will add a couple more of my favorites.
    I like Baby Boom and Foul Play....LOLOLOL


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