Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pamela's November reads


This series is set in the 1950's and Paige Turner works for DARING DETECTIVE AGENCY and Paige is secretly a writer. It's the 1950's and a man's world but Paige has her ways around this problem.

I LOVE Paige and the other characters, this series definitely made my Christmas Wishlist. (At).......

2. POISIONED TARTS by GA MacKevett this book is great as is the series and since I really enjoy culinary mysteries I hope that we will see a new book by this author soon. (A)

3. A KILLER PLOT by Ellery Adams not sure that this one might not have been last month but either way I want to brag this new first book in the series up. I love books where to protag is a writer and this one does more than rise to the occassion it lifts the bar on how good no make that GREAT mysteries are penned. Ellery I have your books on my wishlist especially the second book in the series. (A)

4. ASKING FOR MURDER by Roberta Isleib Got say to this book did not disappoint me in the least and it's another series that I have to keep updated with plus I loved the plot in this book! Roberta your books go on my keeper shelf just as soon as I make it to a bookstore to buy them. (At)

I read more than the four books but I took some back to the library and will update you with what I thought of them next month.

Happy Holidays & Merry Murder


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