Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mystery Gifts

It always amazes me what some people will give another person for a gift. Or for that matter what people regift to eachother. I mean honestly do you really think that giving an Elvis Nutcracker is in the best of taste? Anyway I have been thinking about this because I love unique gifts and I love mystery gifts but I hate those surprise gifts that are tacky. I watched The Talk -Talk show today and they were discussing the regifting part of gifts and they agree as do I that there are rules and it's an art. So this also led to thinking about gifts for authors and more importantly "Mystery Authors" as for myself I love coffee cups and mugs and I think a mystery mug would suit me.

However not all authors and mystery authors are coffee drinkers, whiskey drinkers today I ask you that if you were going to create a Christmas Gift for a mystery author what would you create or send to them?

I think I would order a pen with a quote on it or maybe I would send book covers by a few famous mystery authors that were framed for hanging. Anyway I could go on and on but I asked you the question so give us some of your ideas for mystery authors?

Also YES....I am going to ask this question...

"What is the most horrible gift or regift somebody ever gave you?"

Merry Murder



  1. Authors are usually readers - so books and gift cards... Maybe a rare edition

    As for horrible gifts -- my colelge roommate gave me a big road hat that was about 3 sizes too big.


  2. A pen was the first gift I thought of for all of those book signings. The worst gift I got was a set of religious books from my ex-brother-in-law. It was NOT my religion, but his.

  3. Bank in 1973 a classmate of my partner's from Nursing School invited us to help put up and decorate her tree. We talked about the gifts we had all recieved, us from our bonding and her from her wedding. We made a list of the items we didnt like and swapped the list.

    She had this wonderful wall clock in metal that we liked and she took a service for 4 of some dishes we didn't like.

    My best surprise gift came in the mail today, but I can't tell anyone what it is till Jan. 1, 2011... LOL LOL


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