Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So Many Moments

So Many Moments:

I don't make New Year resolutions but I do make plans and sometimes goals. This year I decided to do several SAL with the ladies from our Creative Cross Stitch Group. I have a lot of cross stitch plans and I think this will be a fun cross stitch year.

I don't remember all of the SAL's I signed up for but here are a few and any of you would like to join us we are a yahoo group and it's easy to find us.

1. Cat SAL

2. Halloween SAL

3. Coffee (for food and drink SAL)

4. Christmas SAL

Now my memory gets dicy after that but I can add that we have a travel sal, fairies sal, spring possibly summer sal and several more that I can't think of but look forward to and not everyone signs up for the same sal so we will have a lot of variety and fun.

I finished a coffee project this past weekend and that will be my last finish for 2010. Currently I am cross stitching on Mickey Mouse for my grandson and this piece will carry me through until Jan 2nd when I'll decide what sal I'll take part in first.

Next up is to set up everything to keep track of my 2011 reading and how many books will be read in 2011........instead of resolution to which I am very bad about keeping I find I can set a goal or makes plans and I do much much better at keeping these promises to myself.

As far as writing well it's not a hobby but a career choice and choose to write at least one book this year and see if I can send it out and find a publisher for the book. Of course it's a cozy mystery and my gola is to have something to report to you on the book in December of 2011. This involves a lot of dedication, a little luck and for me to stay focused.

Merry Holidays,




  1. Here is the link to the group



  2. I'm not sure I remember all of the SALs I signed up for either, and I fear that it will be a bit daunting as I have at least 2 large pieces (for me) in the mix. I like the goal setting idea....much less stressful than resolutions. That is such a harsh word. Good luck in the coming year with all that you start.

  3. I think what Eryn said that she is going to try to achieve half of the SAL's she signed up for in 2011 is a very good idea. Mare just take what you signed up for and divide it in half. One project at a time is my motto for the SAL unless I get blocked on a project then it will be two and of course we still those unfinished projects from 2010 that can count as completions.

  4. I am must state that the SAL's for 2011 are NOT meant to stress anyone but to be fun, enjoyable and to have some stitchy completions by 2012. If you don't make all the goals that is fine there is always 2012 it's just to be fun and to stitch along with your fellow stitchers.


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