Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book Reviews

Book Reviews:

Today I am going to ask where you go to read your favorite book reviews? Terri and I will be doing more book reviews this year but I am curious as to where you think the best reviews are online and of course blogs that carry book reviews.

Have you recently bought or ordered a book based on someone's review of the book?

What grabs you first the back blurb about the book or the book cover?

Does the authors who endorse a book or series help or hinder your book buying, ordering etc...?

Lastly what do you think a good book review should have in the review and what do you think should be left out of the review?




  1. Where do I find reviews? I'm lucky enough to be friends with a reviewer who shares my taste in books. I trust her judgement. I also have a page on Goodreads and follow the blogs of reviewers in the asst genres that I enjoy.

    I always check out the book covers first... then I read the blurb to see if they even match. LOL

    If it's an author I know or enjoy reading I would trust them enough to read the book from the library and then add it to my personal collection if I deem it a keeper.

    As to your question as to what makes a good review? I'm still in the process of learning that since I'm a newbie reviewer. I usually start off with something about the author and what book in his or her series the book is. Then I try to give a short non revealing blurb of my own about the book. I end it up with my kudos or jibes and tell my recommendation of the story.

  2. I go to a variety of sites and frequent those that I find have similar reading taste.

    The first thing I see is the cover and if it appeals to me, then I'll read the blurb. An author's endorsement will have me checking it out.

    Short reviews are better since there are so many books to choose.


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