Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review - Love is Murder

Title: love is murder

Author: Linda Palmer

Publisher : Berkley Prime Crime

ISBN: 0-425-19687-9


Series Mystery

Morgan Tyler is the head write for Love of My Life, a daytime soap opera. When Damon Radford is found murdered after a failed attempt on his life, Morgan doesn't think things could be worse. She is dead wrong because when Damon's will is read it appears he left her the bulk of his fortune. The worst of it is he told important people (such as his mother) that he was going to marry Morgan. There are two problems with his line of reasoning...first Morgan couldn't stand Damon and second he forgot to tell Morgan he was planning on marrying her.

The worst is yet to come when someone tries to run Morgan down and then when Morgan is on a date with a charming writer they are both almost killed when someone shoots through her window. To makes matters more interesting one of the detective's assigned to investigate the murder is falling for her. Her life has now become a soap opera. With two men interested in her and Detective Matt Phoenix comes complete with a wonderful witty Aunt Penny who thinks her dead husband will return for her one day. Well you just can't write this stuff and Morgan hopes she will live long enough to get the chance to try but the problem is she stumbles across two more dead bodies and all the while trying to do her job if replacing a lot of dead people in the script, trying to keep the secrets of all the players while sorting fact from fiction on all the murder fronts....

Life is too short for such headaches and her best friend Nancy would agree with her but Morgan is determined to find out why everyone around keeps turnng up dead.

Love is Murder is absolutely wonderful and you will zip through this mystery with no hardship. I like a fun and I never knew all the balls a head writer has to go through but I am certain they are never paid enough to keep all the characters juggled to fit the plot. It's true LOVE IS MURDER and Linda Palmer pens murder with a clever cast of characters and her plots aim for the heart just watch out for the droplets of blood.

Pamela (this book gets and A) or if you 9 of 10

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  1. Oh this sounds great, I am going to have to pick this up. Great review.


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