Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Guest Blogger - Alice Duncan

Oh, boy, it’s been another wonderful month (well, except that my printer died, but that’s the only bad thing that happened). Not only did the Scottish Deer Hound win the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, but I had my annual physical and my doctor said I’m perfect. I’m serious. She said I’m perfect. Of course, she was reading the results of my blood work, etc., when she told me that. When I asked her how come I’m in pain and tired all the time, she told me it’s ’cause I’m old. Well, there you go. I already knew that.

Still and all, it’s been a good month, with much more magic than mayhem going on. The most fabulous and magical thing to happen in February was that Diane Levin, a woman I know only through the mystery readers’ list DorothyL bought herself a Kindle 3. What’s so special about that, you might ask. Well, I’ll tell you: DIANE SENT ME HER KINDLE 2!!! Is that the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for a perfect (remember what my doctor told me) person, or isn’t it? And I LOVE my Kindle (I never thought I’d see those two words together). Then two other marvelous friends, Debra Hosey and Robert Jablon, gave me Amazon gift certificates! I tell you, every time I despair of the world, people like Diane, Debra and Robert (whom I call Jablon. Can’t help myself) show me there are still terrific, fabulous, and kind people in it. The reason I’m so jazzed about my Kindle is ’cause, in spite of my perfect health, thanks to hideous arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, I can no longer hold books. Honest to God. Is that ironic, or what? A novelist who can’t hold a book. Sheesh. But the Kindle is so light and bright, I can just balance it on a dachshund and read until my eyes go buggy. Magical indeed.

And then Bitsy, my adorable longhaired black-and-tan foster wiener dog found a new and wonderful home with some delightful folks in Albuquerque, and my latest foster wiener, Hot Dog, is not only dashingly handsome, but he’s a sweetie-pie. He and Scrappy make me laugh when they play together. I love things (and dogs) that make me laugh. So what if he chews up the occasional magazine and leaves its guts all over the house? He’s just a little kid.

On the book front, PECOS VALLEY REVIVAL went back for a second printing, and my books on Kindle are selling like . . . well, perhaps hotcakes is an exaggeration, but at least they’re selling. This is a Very Good Thing, ’cause I need the money. And then I got an independent editing job. I have a book-doctoring service (you can read all about it on my website: www.aliceduncan.net), but still, this was an out-of-the-blue thing. Mind you, it’s a thousand-dollar job and I’m getting $250 for it, but beggars, as we all know, can’t be choosers. Besides, it’s MONEY!

I also found out that Kirkus is going to review FALLEN ANGELS, my May 2011 release, and that’s nice, too, even if they trash the book. I mean, Kirkus is reviewing my books! How cool is that? Kirkus piddled all over PECOS VALLEY REVIVAL, but at least they paid attention to it. With any luck, maybe another one or two of the Big Four (Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, Booklist and Library Journal) will review it, too. Hey, a girl can dream. Even if she is old.

Not only all of that, but the cover art for GENTEEL SPIRITS (July 2011) is fabulous, and both of my daughters are going to be living here in Roswell! I can hardly believe it. Robin will be here March first, and Anni’s been here for a couple of months. We haven’t been together as a threesome for over a year! I mean, heck, we pretty much grew up together, you know? I was so young and dumb when they were born, yet we all survived their childhoods and are now a very tight trio. And we’ll be together again! I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it. Definitely something magic going on here 

Oh, and don’t forget to enter my monthly contest. Just send your name and home address to me at alice@aliceduncan.net . I’ll be giving away a copy of HIGH SPIRITS and a copy of SIERRA RANSOM! Wow, Whatta deal.


  1. I have a great visual picture of you sitting there with Kindle on the dog. LOL


  2. It really works out well--until the dog gets excited :-)

  3. I'm so glad you got a Kindle! Not only are they much easier to hold, for me the big thing is that I can adjust the font size so I can actually see it. :)

    It's so nice that you will have family near, also. That is something I really miss since mine is spread out over the US and Europe.

    Good luck with the Kirkus review!

  4. So you were rooting for the Scottish Deer Hound, huh? The ones I root for never win. I usually go for the schipperke (however you spell it), the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, or the golden retriever. I'm a sucker for the pretty ones. ;-)

  5. It's great to hear about the good things and the pups. I may be coming to Roswell the end of April to look for a place for DH and me and the two pups. Congratulations on all of the book fronts.


  6. Alice, you are such fun! I love my Kindle, too. Like you, I never thought I'd say those words, but they're true. I'm glad your books are on Kindle. Hope the Spirits books are included, because I haven't bought the last one yet.

    Does this mean you won't be moving? Hope so, as moving is a ton of trouble you don't need.

    Glad you had such a great February.

  7. Thanks, Cynthya! Yes, I'm so very, very, VERY happy we'll all be together again, at least for a while! And I love my Kindle :-)

  8. Kewl beans, Ann! Be sure to get in touch.

  9. Thanks, Caroline! The first four Spirits books are on Kindle, but I can't put the last few up until they've been out in hardback for a year (new rules in the contract). But I'll put 'em up then, you betcha!

  10. Well, truth to tell, Liz, I always root for the funny-looking dogs first (the bloodhounds, bulldogs, French bulldogs, etc.). After that, I always root for the hounds, and if it couldn't be a wiener, I was glad it was the deer hound!

  11. Hi, Alice,

    So glad February was a good month. I've always liked it too. I guess because my older son was born in February and then married on Valentine's Day. It's also the shortest month of the winter!
    I'm seeing more sunshine ahead for you.

  12. Thanks, Jacquie! Yes, indeedy, my great-granddaughter, Kasumi, was born in February, so it's definitely a good month overall :-)

  13. Lovely post. You've really cheered me up. Thank you! And I love to imagine you curled up with dog and Kindle enjoying a good book.

  14. Thanks, Sheila! The Kindle is absolutely wonderful for folks like me who can't hold books any longer.


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