Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why is it?


Why is it when we make up our minds to do something then in five minutes time we find that we are actually doing something else? This happens to me all the time. I make up my mind to write and the next thing I know I'm scrubbing the bathtub or folding laundry? I decide I am going to take the afternoon and read and before I know it I have a ton errands and chores to do and if that isn't bad enough when I do sit down to do what I am supposed to (in my case write on my mystery) then the scene I wanted to work on won't come through but while I had been spraying lysol in the trash can I had the perfect thought for said scene.

Should I go back and stand over the trash can with the can of Lysol in my hand waiting for inspiration? Should I love to a different scene but what if I'm actually not ready for to write that scene (still I suppose jotting it down can't hurt. I mean look what happened when I didn't jot down my thoughts with hand free of Lysol)??

Maybe I should start another book or story in hopes of letting the previous story purculate but do books really become finished when you start multiplying them? Can you actually write more than one book and have anything finished in a timely manner? For that matter does time matter and if you go bowling instead of writing that day does it bring bad karma on your writing career?

How bad does karma become for the writer who is easily distracted and what is the average life expectancy for an author/writer?

Are there really only so many words in us and is there really only so many plots to go around?

What if you aren't your character, don't want to become your character but you find you're acting more like her everyday? Does this make you a bad judge of character therefore a bad writer? What if your real life is so bad you want to escape into your fictional life but you find one fictional life won't cover it? Does this mean you should go back to the point (see above) and write multiple books in hopes of finishing one? Or should you just go get lost in someone else's words ie...fictional book? Especially if you can't afford thearpy or health insurance/ Maybe you should take up other creative endavors? WAIT I tried that and now have about five cross stitch projects incompleted so maybe this whole not finishing anything goes deeper? Except wait I have finished cross stitch projects reacently but really what does all of this have to do with writing a book?

Does it have more to do with karma and I admit I have no answers but I do feel that I used to NOT be a nice person and now that I am I have to wonder if I still suffering from past karma regression and will I ever have good karma again because I may die before good karma shows up in my current life.

Anyway what do you think of karma, writing and characters?



  1. I think I have a touch of ADD. I am definitely easily distractable.

    And my best ideas come in the middle of the night...


  2. You captured well the way life is for most writers. Robert Parker wrote five pages every day, never more never less. Of course he lived separately from his wife and probably had enough money that he paid people to do the errands and fold the laundry. Few of us are so lucky. The best writing experience I ever had was six weeks in Italy. My wife was teaching there in the summer, and our housing was taken care of. I had no duties, no chores except to cook which gave me a break from writing. I knew no one and had no phone or Internet. And the table where I wrote had a view of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. Heaven. Then we came back to reality.

  3. Well, I certainly relate to following distractions off to never never land. I do it constantly. In self defense I bought a nice little digital recorder that I try to keep in my pocket at all times. At least that way, when I get that perfect idea while scrubbing a toilet, I can pull out my recorder with the hand not holding the scrub brush and...


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