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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day


It's that time of year again with all the hearts and flowers. Personally I like a little blood on the vine, droplets on the flowers and poison in the candy. In other words I like murder with my mushy sentiment. I loved Carolyn Heart's Valentine's Day Murder, she wrote the mystery eons ago but it's still tried and true.

Don't pay any attention to me I am just not the sappy type and honestly this has so far been a very bad year. However when in Rome and all of that HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY as I know I'm in the minority when it comes to this holiday. Truth the told I probably just never really had an exceptional Valentines day to brag about and so therefore for me it's a non holiday.
What type of holiday is hard for you to warm up to and why don't you like it?
Do you have a favorite Valentine's Day Mystery?
I do remember in school decorating the Valentine's Day Bags and Boxes but even at that mine was not all that great in the decorating department but as a kid I still had fun doing them.
Maybe after I write my Christmas Mystery I will write a Valentine's Day Mystery because I think it might be fun to murder someone (on paper of course) for Valentine's Day.

Okay tell us your Valentine's story of what you dislike, love or hate about Valentine's Day?


  1. I think the idea is fine. The reality not so much. Pressure to make one day something special. Restaurants hike up prices, I am not a big candy eater etc... Why cant we all be a little more romantic without being told to?


  2. St. Valentine's Day is a blah holiday for me also. I find that the hoohah for one day would be better spent through out the year in small ways.