Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I want to wish everyone the luck of the Irish today. We are having very warm, windy and dreary weather today. Don't forget to wear green and did everyone remember the time change this week?

I am trying to curl up with as many good books as possible as I took the week off to catch up with writing reviews and starting the our guest blogging and interviews.

Of course instantly life got in the way when a friend was admitted to the hospital for chest pains. Other minor things in life also kinda road blocked me into having a slow start this week. Needless to say here I am and I will spend the next few days catching up with the reviews and interviews.

Anyone visited your local library lately?

Mine has quilts displayed this month and I love looking at all the antique quilts from years past. We have a very good quilters guild here and every year you can see so many quilts at our local Katy Days so that is nice. I don't quilt I cross stitch but I LOVE quilts and wall hangings.

Anyway don't forget to have a bowl of Lucky Charms today.




1 comment:

  1. Definitely in my Green today. And I went to the liquor store that is closing and got two different bottles of Irish Whiskey inspired by the day!



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