Thursday, March 17, 2011

Review - If Books Could Kill


Author Kate Carlisle

Large Print

Mystery Series


I wouldn't call this series a cozy because I think it has much more intrigue than a cozy mystery but if you like cozies you will probably love this series.

Brooklyn Wainwright is in Edinburgh attending the Edinburgh Book Fair when she runs into her friend and ex-lover Kyle McVee. He asks her to have a drink with him and then tells Brooklyn that he wants her to authenicate an orginal copy of a book written by none other than Robert Burns. The text could change British History and bring shame upon the monarchy. She is curious and takes the text but then while taking a nighttime tour of the city and going down places that would make a clautrophobic think twice she stumbles on a dead body. The man is Kyle and now she must decide who to trust and what to tell Inspector Angus MacLeod and who is this Derek Stone who keeps turning up right when she needs him?

There are a lot of book sellers and collectors who would love to have a book but before he was murdered Kyle had only told three people about the book. Brooklyn is one of the three.

Right when she has enough to deal with her parents show up with their very own guru because her parents are a cross between new age and hippies and they don't travel light between all the new age inclinations. Brooklyn hopes to stay a step ahead of MacLeod and a step behind her parents.

The clock is ticking and she is almost killed but in the end things get personal in more ways than one.

I love IF BOOKS COULD KILL and while the plot is a little mind blogging it's well worth the trip. Characters are exquiste and who doesn't love a reare book expert with something to prove?

I give this one a Bt or eight out of ten.

Pamela James

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