Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Perfect reading Weekend?

Good Morning/Afternoon Everyone,

Whether you had a nice long weekend or a rather short weekend I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Today let's talk about what a perfect reading weekend means to you? Is that you read a whole book or two in an entire weekend?

Does it mean laying on a beach reading or reading in the hammock? Sitting by a cozy fire leisurely reading while it snows outside or thunderstorms give meaning to a glowing fire or a candle burning?

What is your favorite setting to read by and what is your favorite reading weekend?

Mine is curled up on couch with the tv off and hearing the pitter patter of rain. To me, there is nothing really great about a rainy weekend except reading a good book. Now in the summer or spring (rain permitting) I try to sit in my yardswing and read one hour a day or evening. However we have a bunch of retired people who live in our "hood" and that is fine but it's the other 30% of the neighbors who live here that move in and out that give me pause to read outside as much as I used to because they either have small children, loud music or other less than stellar attributes. LOL so I will stick with the couch and rainy days for my answer to this question.

Okay your turn to tell us about your perfect or preferred reading weekend?

Page Turner Pam

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