Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review - Deadly Vows


Author: Brenda Joyce

ISBN: 13:978-0-373-77551-4

Genre: Historical Mystery Series


Page count: 379

A nude portrait and Francesa Cahill's world crumbles. Lured away on the morning of her wedding Calder Hart, Francesca thinks that she can handle retrieving the nude portrait of herself and be back in time to marry Calder Hart. Predictably it doesn't turn out quite as expected because she is kidnapped and ends up missing her wedding.

Calder is furious and does believe her when she tells him she was kidnapped but escaped. Worse yet is the fact that the painting is still out there somewhere. Calder does agree to help her find the portrait and Rick Bragg also helps but Rick is Calder's half brother and they a turbulent relationship. So the hunt is on for the portrait and Francesca is trying her best to win Calder back.

Rick Bragg's own life is a shambles, Francesca wants to help Rick but she doesn't know how and besides they have to find that painting.

Dark deeds, bad seeds and old enemies come to light in the dramatic page turner.

The ending is well worth the wait and for an historical mystery this particular book reads more like an historical thriller. Pluse races, heart beats faster than you can turn the page and pace only picks up the closer to the end that we get you will be clutching your heart.

DEADLY VOWS by Brenda Joyce is extremely intruging and has all of the elements we have learned to love and respect from Brenda Joyce. She write a taunt and thrilling mystery that will satisfy any readers taste for adventure and intrigue.

********** (A)

Pamela James

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