Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Interview with Emily Brightwell

I love the Mrs. Jefferies Series and as a reader I would like to know if there are going to any other love interests for the staff now that Betsy and Smythe are getting married?

To date, there aren't any other love interests planned but of course, that is always subject to change!

Tell us about your writing schedule and how many books a year do you write?

I had a day job for many years so I tend to write very much on a business week schedule - I'm an early riser so I'm at my computer by seven and I write until mid afternoon - I do take breaks of course.

In the near future will you be writing any other series?

I'm currently working on a proposal for a contemporary mystery series - let's keep our fingers crossed that someone in the publishing world will like it and buy it. I also have an idea for another historical series that I'm thinking about doing.

When you are not writing wonderful books what other interests do you have to keep you active?

I love to read both fiction and non-fiction, I'm just finished Bernard Cornwell's Saxon books and I'm a big fan of Phillipa Gregory's historical novels as well. I'm reading a fascinating history of the Joseon Kings of Korea. I also enjoy crocheting, cooking, movies, history, archaeology and I watch every dinosaur program that runs on the Discovery Channel.

Okay I'm sure the readers would love to know the answers to the next few questions.

1. What is your favorite meal and dessert?

Goodness, I love to eat so this is a tough one but I'll go with cheese enchiladas or lobster as the meal with Creme Brulee or Crepes Suzette for dessert.

2. Your favorite place o vacation?

I love to travel anywhere - but my favorite destinations are London, New York and Mexico

3. Do you have favorite television shows or movies?

For TV - Glee, The Office, Doc Martin, MI5, and the Food Network Movies - I love good science fiction movies, foreign films, thrillers and of course, I adore a good mystery! My real absolute favorite movie is The Princess Bride

4. Do you have a favorite song ?

Not really, I just love music from all genres.

Okay, back to a few writing questions.

Do you ever suffer writer's block and if not how do you combat it?

I think most writers occasionally get blocked and when that happens, I re-read the work of a writer that I admire. I find that very inspirational. I love to read in all genres, Stephen King's great novel, The Stand is one of my all time favorites as well as anything by Jack Sawyer, John Scalzi, Dan Simmons, Jayne Ann Krentz, Nora Roberts, Ian Rankin, Michael Connelly, Suzanne Forester, Phillipa Gregory, Bernard Cornwell, Earle Stanley Gardner,....I'm a reading junkie.

How long does it take you to write a book?

It takes three to four months.

Who are you favorite friends to talk over writing problems with such as a plot problem or a character name?

Suzanne Forester and I brainstorm together about our books - she's a great source and a wonderful person My husband is also a very good story editor. I also talk with my agent - he's really good at brainstorming!

Is there something you would like to say to your many readers?

Yes, I'd like to thank them for their support and for buying my books. My readers are the best and I hope they continue to like my work.

What writing advice do you have for anyone wanting to write an historical mystery or mystery series?

I'd advise them to remember that people are always people regardless of what period they may inhabit - they have the same hopes, dreams, fears, weaknesses and desires that humans have always had. Regardless of whether you lived in ancient Assyria or 17th century England, you'd have the same needs we've had since we crawled out of the cave; food, shelter, security, survival of your young, etc. I'd also advise them not to get too bogged down in the details of their historical setting.

If Mrs. Jefferies had one thing to say about her creator "Emily Brightwell" what would it be?

"Emily does occasionally get a historical detail wrong, but you must give her credit for trying her best to get it right."

Do you or Mrs. Jefferies have a favorite color?


Last but not least leave us with some advice only Mrs. Jefferies could give us?

Mrs. Jeffries would advise that when faced with any situation where one has a choice, one should always choose to dance on the side of the angels (she has a bit of a poetic streak in her soul).


  1. A wonderful and delightful interview...I love it when interviews actually show the insight of person being "human"...Thank you both for doing this for us...hugs, Skye

  2. Cheryl/Emily
    Thank you for the interview and once day soon I would also like to interview Mrs. Jefferies. LOL
    This interview is my first 2011 interview. I am happy that we started with you and your footsteps will be hard to follow.

  3. Thank you for the interview too. I recently became hooked on the Mrs Jeffries series and applaud Emily Brightwell for coming up with plots that (usually) keep me guessing right up until Inspector Witherspoon arrests the murderer.

  4. I just love the chemistry between all the servants!


  5. I love this series and I've been into it since the first one came out in the '90's. I think I own all of them except for one. I still have to read a lot of them, but I'm looking forward to the next one when it comes out.


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