Monday, March 21, 2011

Review - Half-Price Homicide




ISBN; 978-1-60285-893-0


Mystery series(Dead-End Job Series)

Helen Hawthorne is working at Snapdragon's Second Hand Thoughts. This is a very very upscale consignment shop who cater to the wealthy and the rich come to sell their wares as much as buy the clothes. You see a lot of the clients husbands will give their wives, lovers and girlfriends credit cards at all the top rate stores but they will never give them cash. So the savvy women charge their purses and clothes then bring the new clothes in to Vera (the shop owner), to sell for cash in their pocket. It's a win win situation until Chrissy (a very regular client) comes in to sell a purse and her husband tracks her down at the shop. They argue and Vera tells them to take it to the back room. They go to a vacant dressing room and the long and short of it is that latyer Chrissy is found dead. Better clarify here as Chrissy has been murdered.

Vera's store is shut down and Helen's nightmare begins as she is one of the suspects. To top this off her mother is dying, her ex hass once again shown up at the worst time and Phil her boyfriend is trying to get her to clear up her mess in St. Louis.

Then there is another problem when another murder happens and her landlady Margery blames herself for the murder. Phil and Helen have a full plate which becomes more intense when Helen does finally return to St. Louis with Phil as another dire twist happens and this one is anything but expected.

HALF-PRICE HOMICIDE is a real page turner and this is the book we have all been waiting for but with this comes some deep buried secrets.

I have to say this is one of the most enjoyable books in the series. The twist and turns are remarkable and the characters all take on a deeper meaning than ever before.

I give HALF - PRICE HOMICIDE by Elaine Viets nine out of ten stars.


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