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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guest Blog - Duffy Brown

The Blog:

How I got into writing mysteries isn’t much of a mystery...it’s what I read, watch on TV, go to the movies to see. I’m guessing that pretty much sounds like most of you.

I think mystery loves are born that way. As soon as we learned to read there were all these books out there and we chose the ones with questions involved. I loooove Trucks and Cars and Things that Go as a kid because I had to find Gold Bug. Then there was Encyclopedia Brown. Those books are the best because there are clues and you solve the mystery. I read every Nancy Drew and then went on to Sherlock and the rest of the gang.

Have you ever started rewriting the stories you read or saw? Have you ever thought...Gee, that was stupid. They should have done this or that and only someone with an IQ that matches their shoe size wouldn’t have seen that clue.

I did that a lot so, I started writing stories of my own. Just a side note...if your life sounds like mine, maybe you should try your hand at writing mysteries too. J

Dreaming up the characters is as much fun as writing the mystery. I’ve set my Consignment: Murder series in the South because I love Savannah, true Old South. And Paula Deen lives there and cooks. Is there anything better than real Southern food? You may live a few less years ‘cause of butter, cream and lots of eggs but I’m willing to take my chances on fried chicken, creamed potatoes and pecan pie. Lordy.

Now you know a bit of how I got into mysteries. I’d like to know when and how you got into reading them. Do you remember the first mystery your read? Who is your favorite sleuth?

I’ll give a copy of Hot Southern Nights, a romance with a mystery I wrote as Dianne Castell from the answers. I'll mail off Duffy Brown goodie bags to anyone who wants one. Just send your snail addy to: Duffy Brown@DuffyBrown.com


Consignment: Murder

-Iced Chiffon 3/’12

-Killer in Crinolines

-Pearls and Poison

Duffy Brown

Berkley Prime Crime

Consignment: Murder

-Iced Chiffon 3/12



  1. Thanks Duffy!

    The South has a charm all its own!


  2. Great being here, Terri! Thanks for having me.
    Love Mayhem and Magic! Wonderful blog and a great site.
    I'm working on Killer in Crinolines. Nothing more fun than murder in the South.

  3. What a great blog interview to read first thing this sunny (finally) morning...You write for all the reasons I would...Thank you..Skye

  4. Duffy,
    I can't wait to read your books. No matter the genre and thank you sooo much for guest blogging for us. Next time we will be promoting Duffy's cozy mysteries. Hey Duffy what is your favorite southern meal? Dessert if you have one?

  5. Hi, Skye and Pamela!
    So sorry I'm late getting back to you all.
    Been a carzy week!

    Skye, thanks for saying I brighten your day. Here in Cincy we've had nothing but rain. So glad it's sunny somewhere!

    Pamela, thanks for chatting won mayhem and magic. I love being here.

  6. Anyone who'd like a free copy of Hot Southern Nights just email me at DuffyBrown@DuffyBrown.com with your snail addy and I'll send it along.

    Thanks for chatting and have a wonderful weekend!