Monday, April 25, 2011

Terri's Easter Frittata

A recipe I made up yesterday for Easter (it was really yummy)

Terri’s Easter frittata

1 bunch spinach cleaned and cut

1 small onion, diced

½ carton button mushrooms

1 tsp garlic

4 slice Canadian bacon cut up

9 eggs

½ cup cream (or milk)

½ cup cheese

Put spinach in pot with water and lid.  Steam on high until wilted down

In oven proof skillet sauté onion, mushrooms garlic and mushrooms in olive oil.  Add Canadian bacon and sauté until nice and soft.

Add spinach to skillet

Mix eggs and milk until fluffy then pour into skillet on high heat.  As it starts to cook, lift from sides to allow some of egg mixture to slide under spinach et al.

When about half way set up – add about ½ cup cheese of your choice (I used romano) on top and put skillet into pre-heated 400 degree oven

Cook about 13-15 additionally minutes until cooked through and cheese is melted and golden.

Cool before cutting and  serving

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