Monday, April 4, 2011

Review - Sex & The City 2

When I sat down to watch this I expected REALLY bad.  that was based on media comments I had heard back when it was released.  So expecting bad, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did enjoy it.  Not a oh I must watch this over and over again movie or a Wower or what not, but a fun escape nonetheless.  Carrie and the girls head to Abudabi (??) on a PR trip of Samantha's.  They have typical adventures and predictable moments but hey - great clothes and lots of silliness and fun.  Sex and the City was never meant to be heavy drama.  Like the Muslim women in the film who wear designer clothes under their black gowns and veils, I envy the girls their fashions and fabulousness.  Sure it is superficial to a degree but it is entertaining.  A fantastic film? No.  A fun escape on a Sunday afternoon for a couple hours - Yes.


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  1. Some films are meant to be just that--sit back, relax, enjoy, and then forget. Glad to know it worked. Might struggle to get my male-dominated family to watch though.


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