Monday, April 11, 2011

Squirrel Season

It's Squirrel Season:

What I mean by squirrel season is that our phones lines went out one day last week. So I've had no phone service for days except when the ind blew just right and then maybe for fifteen minutes. We called the phone company and of course they told us we had to wait until this morning for a tech to come out and fix it. Bright and early this morning he came and took a huge later propped it against a huge tree in the backyard and started working he was here almost an hour and said the problem was up the stree. Three hours later he's back and says that squirrels ate five holes in the phone line and of course it's rained and they filled up with water. He then said that he spliced things etc for a tempoary fix but that he would have to come back at some point and because he has to clear it with his boss but he wants to replace all the phone lines between our pole and the next two poles all the way to the end of the block. So this is part one of the squirrel saga. LOLOLOL

More to come I'm sure..


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  1. Those cute rodents are true rodents. They love to chew. they drive some of our condo residents crazy chewing was into attics etc...



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