Friday, May 13, 2011

Calling all Authors


Okay how do you do it? What am I talking about you ask? Well how do you keep a writing schedule from one day to the next while doing housework? How about errands, keeping up with family and other writing obligations? How do you do it? I ask, because for two weeks I have been trying to keep a writing schedule and I can ignore the phone (at least I have retrained myself to do this part) but when the laundry is piled up, bills need paying, floors and pets need attention, plants nad flowers need watering and the whole meal thing plus we always want a clean bathroom....

How do you divide your time? Are you an early morning writer? A night writer? Are you up and down all day/ all night?

Tell me how to handle this because after four books and zillions of interruptions to my day I am no better at it than I was the first book. This is not acceptable but until I have a contract that needs fulfilled I need help on how to handle this crazy schedule we call a "Writing Schedule", so HELP and no I am not whining I am merely needing suggestions and advice.

I need advice from authors who have been there done that....LOL




  1. I am not an author but I think it is the same as anyone with a full time job. You work during work hours. And you squeeze the errands, housework, pleasure time etc... for those outside the work hours. I know I have essentially 3 hours a night and my weekends to squeeze everything into (because I will not concede on my sleep time).

    So my advice is chores etc.. must be done before or after your writing time. And that just has to be that.


  2. Part of my problem is I have a chronic illiness and can't write mornings. By the time I get to the computer it's one or two in the afternoon. Eight hour days are not possible in my world.

  3. But still, whatever hours ARE your work hours should still be separate from the rest.


  4. I think this was a brilliant question for posting...I have found the same problem and since I don't make money sitting at the computer I have a tendency to devalue this challenge...I love writing and once I start I find it difficult to stop until I think about the "what needs to be done"...


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