Friday, May 13, 2011

Review - How to Marry a Murderer



Publisher: Penquin

Cozy Mystery Series



Paige Turner is a crime magazine reporter, a mystery novelist, a girl friday at Daring Detective Magazine and of coure girlfriend to Dan Street a New York Homicide Detective. So when famous actress Ginger Allen asks Paige to find the person who is trying to murder her before the said person gets the deed done Paige is shocked that Ginger Allen wants HER to find the person.

What soon becomes apparent is only a hand full of people does Ginger trust to a around her and only a finger full of people can stand Ginger. Not only is Ginger very demanding and hard to work with and if anyone thinks themselves entitled to have tantrums it's Ginger.

More to the point Ginger uses people and there is no shortage of suspects when Ginger takes flying leap off of the top of the penthouse balcony. The police say it's suicide but Paige is not so sure and she does feel gulity about Ginger's death.

This is a definite must -read mystery. Set in the 50's when it was a man's world and set in the glamour of tv and movie stars this mystery cozies up to gossip, love affairs, money, madness and a quite a few laughs.

Paige Turner is my kind of sleuth and she definitely has us turning page after page. Just wait until you get a load of her best-friend Abby's new boyfriend and his poetry. It's quite a ride to solving this crime and what poor Paige endures at the hands of her coworkers well let's just say there is a reason we call a dog "Man;s best friend".

Oh and did I mention there is a dog in this story?

Anyway I think if you have not found this series then by all means let me introduce you to Sassy Paige Turner and her lively investigations.

This book receives 10 out of 10 stars.



  1. Well, I am certainly going to have to find this series. How did you hear of it, I've missed it completely, but then I've missed quite a bit lately. Thanks for the heads up and I let you know when I find it.

  2. I'll be checking this series out...Sounds right up my alley...Thank you Pamela for posting this for us...Love finding new authors with charismatic personalities...


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