Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let's Go to the Movies


Okay maybe not go to the movies. I watched movies at home this weekend. Here is what I watched and all were oldies but goodies.

1. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull rated this one a (9)

2. Agatha Christie's The Man In The Brown Suit rated this one a (10) the highest I will give a movie.

3. Murder On The Orient Express rated this one (10) I don't give tens lightly

4. Working Girl rated (8) for just plain fun

5. A DVD of Pie In The Sky ( I rated the episodes all a (9) such a good series

6. Murder She Wrote South By Southwest Movie (rated this one a 7) not as good as some of her others but I do lik Mel Harris.

7. Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother (rated this one a 8) what a fun movie to watch.

8. Uncle Buck (10) what can I say I loved the late great John Candy

9. Charlie Chan In Panama (10) loved it as I do all of his movies.

Okay how did you spend your weekend? What movies did you see? I didn't feel good on Saturday so I watched several movies Saturday along with the In Plain Sight Marathon and then Sunday watched a few then on Monday inbetween working outside I watched more movies. I didn't cross stitch as much as I wanted I think I never quite settled down enough to have smokin needles. I did cross stitch but like I said not every day.




  1. I went to see the New Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It was entertaining. Liked better than the last two anyway.

    Nanny McPhee Returns - still cute and over the top.

    Brothers - a very sad movie

    Get Him to the Greek. Mindless fun escapism

  2. I didn't know about that Murder, She Wrote movie. I'll have to look for it. You had a good weekend. LOL

  3. We rented Knight and Day. It was a fun, romantic, action thriller with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. I have the Downton Abbey DVD set to watch when I feel like a period piece. I enjoyed it very much when I first saw the mini series on tv.

  4. I like all the moview your mentioned. When I don't feel well enough to read, watching movies is a great way to recover. I watched The Interpreter with Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn, a Midsomer Murders episode from Netflix (the greatest business to come along in eons), and one that was so forgettable I don't remember the title.


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