Monday, June 6, 2011

Review - A Crafty Killing



A Victoria Square Mystery (First in a new series)

Berkley Prime Crime (paperback)


Katie Bonner can't seem to catch a break. Her boss at the insurance company can't seem to grasp the idea that Katie is not his personal emotional punching bag. However he ends up the least of her problems when Ezra Hilton is found murdered. Ezra was Katie's late husband (Chad) business partner. Chad unexpectedly dies in a car accident six months prior to Ezra being found at the bottom of the stairs with the back of his head bashed in. All in all not the way Katie expected her life to go let alone the fact Erza is a murder victim.

As Katie learns of her dire straights and the reality soon hits her that she must make a go of Artisans Alley because her own livlihood depends on her being not only manager but anything else needed to make the business a success. Ezra has also left a will that says Katie is to inherit half of everything and his nephew is none to happy to share half of anything with Katie. If this isn't bad enough all the crafters want things their way and the artist want things their way and all Katie wants is to be anywhere but there.

Katie must learn all she can about the crafters and the business owners on Victoria Square because her life might very well depend on it. As she tries to uncover a crafty killer, she also must work through her feelings about Chad and when she finds his journal his last words enlighten her to more than just his feelings but he helps her sort through the personalites behind the names of the booth owners at Artisans Alley. Between the heating system, the meetings, and trying to figure out Ezra's money problems, Katie becomes hungry for a slice of pizza, girl talk, warmth and understanding.

The crafters are unique, helpful and the artists have a lot at stake for their future but no one will be as happy as Katie if Artisans Alley can become a success.

None of this will be possible if she doesn't catch the person who wants Artisans Alley closed up and the key thrown away forever.

A CRAFTY KILLING by Lorraine Bartlett is the best mystery I have read all year. The plot is cleverly penned and the characters are friends I will want to visit over and over. Katie Bonner is my cup of tea and I only wish there was a real Artisans Alley and Victoria Square. Lorraine Bartlett knows what mystery readers want and she delivers with deep characters and a deft pen. I promise that if you delve into this book you won't want to put it down. Page after page is filled with the unexpected which makes this a really wonderful whodunnit.

I might add that I really care about Katie Bonner and her friend Rose.......

I give this review a ten.

Pamela James/reviewer

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  1. This was a great book and I too wish that there really was an Artisian's Alley. I'm very glad that she's started this new series.


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