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Okay today I am wearing an ankle length sundress and I can't tell you the last time I wore a dress. So let's talk about fashion and clothes today. Do you like to wear dresses? How often do you wear them? What clothes are your favorite ones? For me this sundress is one of my favorite dresses. I have several long flowing jackets that I like to wear. Now in the fall and winter I am a sweater girl. I love to wear a variety of sweaters and turtlenecks etc...I wear these mostly with jeans.

For me I really don't care much for slacks unless they flow too I don't really like the feel of slacks. When I have to wear slacks they are almost always black. I do wear a lot of capri pants as for some reason I feel a little more comfortable and I wear pedal pusher shorts from time to time.

Do you like for the author to describe what her character is wearing when you're reading about your main character? Where do you get your fashion tips from? Project Runway or Desperate Houswives, maybe The Talk or Oprah's show?

I really hate a lot of floral on blouses but I love and think everyone woman should have a little black dress or red dress. What retro look do you like and what retro clothes (if any) do you wear? I admit I love the tyedyed you wear hats?

Shawls or capes?

Anyway tell us about clothes and what you do and don't like.




  1. Personally, I prefer dresses or skirts but do not wear them at all in the Winter. I LOATHE hose so it is just too cold. Not to mention my calves are too wide for boots. So slacks all winter, sigh. But Spring, Summer, I pull out dresses and skirts. Funky prints, jewel colors, fun, flirty, pretty. Love them all. And I hove tons of fun sandals to go with them. The only irk I have is that so many these days show too much cleavage for work.

    I haven't found a pair of jeans that fit right in over 20 years so I dont even try any more.

    I do enjoy project runway, and Fashion police but its more watching people on the subway.

    Wanna know something I have noticed - the majority of feet are NOT attractive. I am amazed at it looking on the subway...

  2. LOL. I agree on feet. I had to wear dresses for work (office) for years and while I still own a couple, I head toward pants because I am still a tomboy at heart. As the weight slowly trickles off I will join Pamela in the flowy dresses because I can still crawl around if I have to and not scare the horses.

    I love hats, but lost most of my hat collection in a storage unit I used. Between a roof leak and rodents most of my straw and felt hats went the way of all things. I think I shall pull out some of my hats and begin to wear them again.

    I love shawls and scarves. I have billions, well okay, lots of them in all colors. Rarely does a cool day pass without me wearing at least a cotton scarf. Too much fun.

    Stacy and Clinton are my only fashion links and I haven't seen them in a while. I don't always agree with them, but I do learn something every time I watch.

  3. Mare - scarves and shawls are great! You crocheted me a really fun one I use at Faire!

    I also love to accessorize - bracelets, belts, and fun necklaces - I have tons of necklaces. My favorite way to make an outfit my own!

  4. I prefer leggings, a pretty oversize top and ballet flats - but I'm a big girl and it's a good look for me. The dresses I wear are long and flowing. Love sweaters in the winter too, long ones over the leggings and little boots.
    Since I read historical fiction, I love to read about the costumes.
    Like Mare F, I love shawls and scarves too.

  5. I'm retired and getting more casual all the time. I own no dresses and that's partly because I'm only 5' tall and it's hard to find dresses. In the last year I lost 20 pounds and have been able to go down a size. I wear denim pants with an elastic waistline almost all of the time and in summer I switch to pedal pushers. I switch from long sleeves to short sleeved tees for summer. In winter I like wearing cardigans with my tees. I like jewelry too and that and a few purses are my main accessories.


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