Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Casey Anthony trial

I have followed this case all along, and read the book Mommy's Little Girl by Diane Fanning as well.  it is so sad.  But I will say this trial is unbelieavble. Now mind you, she is entitled to the best defense by Jose Biaz (and I do beleive this) but the defense streches incredulity way past the breaking point for me.  I do beleive she killed Caylee.  I will say that upfront.  But I would hate to be on the jury and listen for days on end to the lies she tells.

Even though we knew it was coming, the claims that her Caylee died accidently by drowning would have not been as bad as that she added the molestation charges against her dad and brother as well.  AND that she says he dad made her lie to cover it all up.  Which doesnt even make sense.  Why would he and Cindy have reported the car and that Caylee was missing then.

And how does a grieving mother whose baby has died go partying and living it up without a care in the world?

We are to believe that her father's power over her was that all-emcompassing?  PLEASE.....

Then they throw in the conspiracy with the meter reader who found the body?  WHAT?  How in the world does he jump into the conspiracy and why?

Then of course, the lies.  The fake job, Zanny the non-existent nanny.  That she was conducting her own investigation?  Like anyone could believe that?  And you investigate by parties and sex?  Again - PLEASE...

And then yesterday, they refute the expert Body Farm testimony regarding decomp fluids in the trunk.  Saying it was from raw hamburger or raw chicken?  WHAT?  Originally she said it was rotten pizza.  Her story changes by the minute to suit her needs only by now how can anyone believe a word she says?

So it comes down to reasonable doubt.  The defense seems to be throwing out as many possiblities as possibel hoping that one will stick enough to create the reasonable doubt.  Of course, nothign I have heard so far has even come close to "reasonable" doubt.  Just ludicrousness.  The sad thing is that FL taxpayers have to finance all this. 

So one wonders, what is next in Baez's magic hat of BS?



  1. Terri, I agree with you. I've stopped watching it because it is just so frustrating. There is no doubt in my mind that she killed her daughter but I don't know if it was accidental or not.

  2. The evidence seems to suggest that it was the duct tape over her mouth that killed her (suffocation) rather than drowning but I dont know. But actually if it WAS accidental drowning (which sadly happens a lot in FL) then all the more reason to call the police right away. There is no reason for all the lies then...

  3. I first became aware of Casey Anthony in 2008 when I was working for survivors of Hurricane Dolly. And as the story continued, I became more and more angry at the lack of care from this person who was supposed to be a mother of a lost child. And the lies....now that the trial is going on, and we are seeing even more lies, to her brother, her parents, the police, her friends. I realize Mr Biaz has a difficult job, trying to sell her to a jury as someone for whom they should care. But, in my opinion, Casey Anthony has somehow found the perfect lawyer for herself. I think they are a match made in....somewhere other than heaven.


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