Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review - Dial M for Murder




Paperback mystery series

ISBN: 978-0-425-22050-4

Paige Turner is no sloucher in the crime department. She working for DARING DETECTIVE MAGAZINE,  she solves crimes risking her own life and limb but the current case is a case where even she is hard pressed to figure out where to start and what to do to solve the crime.

Sabrina Stanhope is a very wealthy Madam and her employees are top of the line ladies. They could be models and many other things. However when her best employee Virginia Pratt is found murdered in a most gruesome way. Sabrina places a call to Paige Turner and tell her an interesting tidbit that three clients. All wealthy men in the limelight and one of course has mob connections (what else in the 1950's) and one is the District Attorney of New York City, last but never least one is her very own top of the food chain boss at Daring Detective.

It's actually no surprise that Paige gets fired (it is for her own good) and it's no surprise her boyfriend Detective Dan Street doesn't want her near the case. It should be a surprise to anyone that she is not only investigating the case but her best friend Abby has a fool proof plan to help solve the case.

With new shoes and old feelings of guilt Paige is going to solve this crime one way or another. Even if she has to become a detective to do it and even if she never gets to write this story.

DIAL ME FOR MURDER is a lot of fun to read. The series is great this book is the best and if you just want to revisit the 50's from fashion, to magazines to crime and the way men were back then you cannot go wrong with this series. This book is top notch and it is the most daring plot line yet....

Pamela James ***********

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