Thursday, August 18, 2011

What does your car say about you?

Does the kind of car you drive tell us more about you? Do the shoes you wear tell us more about you? What does it say about the personality of the person who reads mysteries? LOL What does it tell us about you concerning your favorite colors?

Well I drive an "Intrigue" it's white so if we strictly went by this I would be so vanilla I would be boring. My shoes are mostly causual shoes, tennis shoes or

sandals. This probably says I am practical and on the cutesy side (whatever that means), reading mysteries well this might be a better fit because I am mystery author and if I weren't a mystery author someone would probably have killed me off a long time ago. (LOL)....

Favorite colors are red which holds passion but not my tongue (especially when I am mad) I love green not only is this the color of my eyes but I like grass, green tree leaves and earthy types of things. Now I could stop here on the colors but I won't as I also like pink. I will admit to mostly medium pink but love love love pink flowers. I like blue like the tranquil blue waters but I can't pull off wearing turquoise. I also love light blue and cornflower blue. Yello actually does cheer me up and I like orange on my insane/zany days (now don't act like you don't have them too), and pumpkin oranges and wearing browns that is when I

know fall has arrived in my wardrobe. LOLOLOL Black is for my depressing or dress up days...gray can be part of fall or spring for me as I match this with

other colors.

Okay it's your turn to give us that little bit of insight............LOL




  1. My car says that I need to take better care of her. She needs a bit of body work, a paint job, new tires, a transmission check, a muffler check, and a car cover to keep the bird stuff off the finish. It's ELECTRIC BLUE.

    Clothing wise I love pastel colors. I live in jeans and wear pastel or light colored tops. Sandles in the summer, flats in the winter, unless it's deep snow then I have Uggs.

  2. My car is a forester - RED - not a bright red but a cherry pie red with sparkles in the paint. The sparkles defintiely fit. Fun and unexpected. I think the fact that I read almost all genre tells people that I have varied interests and like to try different things. that I like the puzzle of a mystery, the adventure of fantasy, the creepiness of horror etc..

    I wear all sorts of colors as well - always reflecting my mood. And I like accessories - esp. necklaces to personalize my outfits.

    As for shoes - yes they are FUN. I have a LOT of all sorts of varieties.And they are definitely a way to put your personal touch to your outfits. But most of the shoes I would love to have, I cant because I have fallen arches and heels hurt too much. So I have to to envy them on others....


  3. I have a teal Prizm with few miles. It runs like a champ so I see no meed to replace it.
    Jeans, dress them up or down. Once in a while slacks in basic colors. Tops are all over the map color-wise depending on the mood.
    Shoes tart at barefoot move to casual then to flats and heels if I must. In winter it my Rubber Ducks.
    Books, mostly mystery but I manage a lot of other genres and recently started reading YA. Still very few romance though.

  4. I don't have a car but if I did, it would be blue and neat. I like order.

    My shoes are flat and comfortable.

    My favorite color are blue and black.

    My books are 90% mysteries

  5. My car is a silver Saab convertable. The first car I ever owned was a convertable. This one's my mid-life-crisis-mobile. It's cool enough that my grandson is willing to be seen with me in it. IF the top's down.


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