Monday, September 19, 2011



What is your favorite autumn or Halloween mystery? I live for this time of year and last night while at the grocery store I found "The Diva Haunts A House" by Krista Davis and I can't wait to read this book.

Do you decorate for autumn or Halloween? I put out my Halloween decor last weekend. I do not have my pumpkin yet and of course this is a good thing since they would be icky by Halloween. I want to netflix a dvd of the Ghost and Mr. Chicken staring Don Knots.

The weather is cooler and we have had veggie soup last week and I made pumpkin bread sooo yummy. What fall foods and treat are on your list to make, bake, cook and devour? LOL

Tonight we will have chicken and noodles which will be heavenly and it's also the season premire of "Castle" who could ask for more on a Monday?

My favorite Halloween Mystery was Wicked Witch Murder by Leslie Meir to which I read when my friend gave it to me for a Christmas present such a great mystery. I will be reading Halloween Party this year and of course The Diva Haunts A House.

I hope everyone has a great Monday and whether you're working in your pj's or wearing office attire remember to take the time to stop and smell all the wonders of fall. (LOL) okay I'm a little early buyt you know what I mean...


  1. It's a wonderful time of year and it doesn't last nearly long enough. I love the smell of apples, leaves, and woodsmoke. I love putting my gardens to bed for the winter, and I especially love settling into the cozy house with my crafts and my books. Oh, yes, and Doug. LOL

  2. I loved The Diva Haunts The House and it was a perfect read to get me in the spirit for Halloween. I don't put up decorations since no one comes knocking at my door, but I do love to put a candy jar filled with candy corn on my table and take a few as I walk by.

  3. I have a few Halloween decorations but some years the holiday sneaks up on me and it's over before I ever get them up. Maybe this year I'll do better.

  4. No decorations yet.
    Forgot Castle!!! It was a lousy rainy Monday. Grrrrrrrr


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