Friday, September 16, 2011

Review - Mama Sees Stars

Mama See Stars by Deborah Sharp is the fourth book in the “Mace Bauer” mystery series. Publisher: Midnight Ink, September 2011

My stars and garters—Hollywood has descended on little ol’ Himmarshee, Florida. As animal wrangler for a cowboy film, Mace is on the set when she discovers the arrogant executive producer shot dead, his body on display in the horse corral. With everyone from spoiled starlets to conniving crew members cursing the man’s name, who in blue blazes didn’t want to kill Norman Sydney? As Mama’s head swells to diva proportions, thanks to her miniscule movie role, Mace shines an unwelcome spotlight on the big-city film folk to reveal a killer.

Hollywood has invaded their small town and the Bauer family is working behind the scenes, that is until Mama lands a small role in the movie. Instead of discovering fame, once again, Mace finds another body and is on the hunt for a killer among the stars. What a fun read that will have you laughing from Mama’s “I’m a rising movie star” role to the sisters being star-struck to Mace’s on-again, off-again relationship with the handsome Carlos. I just love this series. The mystery was good, but it’s the relationship between Mama and her girls that I enjoy the most in this delightfully charming and character-driven series. This was the best one yet in this fun-filled and entertaining series and I look forward to the next exploits with Mama and her family.


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