Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review - Murder at the Old Vicarage



Publisher: St. Martin's Press, Inc

Large type

ISBN: 0-8161-4838-4

Graham Elstow has been murdered. It was only justice because after all he beat the hell out of his wife any time things did not go his way. Still someone has to answer for his murder. Graham's wife Joanna could have murdered her husband but the fact is she still loved Graham and in fact had told him that she was carrying his child.

Then Joanna's parents the vicar and his wife Marian might have murdered Graham for they had been at the hospital, seen the bruises and knew that their son-inlaw had a lot to answere for so it sure could have made them mad enough to deal with him in a most unchristian way. Maybe it was Eleanor Langton who is the vicar's neighbor and speical friend and who had lost her husband laswt year after he was in a comma for three years. Richard had never ever been able to hold his daughter Tessa because he was ran down in the street outside his home by none other than Graham Elstow.

asbthe story unfolds there is the drama of famil relationship, family secrets, madness and murder. There is also a subdrama of a detective and his sargent to whom is married and he is having an affair with her. He wants to marry Judy but she not having any of it as she is already a married woman.
As alibis and stories are torn apart we discover piece by evidence that nothing is what it seems.

I loved MURDER AT THE OLD VICARAGE and Jill McGown knows how to incite every emotion.

From page one she locks in every clue, emotion and character as she we are drawn to a family and their version of a normal relationship. This book kisses one cheek while slapping the other and never ever will you forget the characters and plot.

Pamela James  ***********

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