Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Get a Thrill


Okay I know I am strange but I can't help it I get a thrill each year when it comes time to pick out my yearly planner and calander. I mean it's ALMOST as good as buying cross stitch fabby and patterns or mysteries. HONEST this is one of my big thrills of the year. (You thought author lead exciting lives) well I don't...LOL anyway I got to pick out my planner early this year. This time it was artwork by Linda Nelson an basically it's of simplier times which with the year I've had appealed to me. Now I am still looking for the perfect calander and this has to speak to me as it will be on my office wall all year long. Last it was a coffee calander that spoke to me and tye year before a quilting calander that spoke to me..

What speaks to you? I know a lot of people who just hang the free calander from their bank or insurance company but if you're a nut like me speak up as I don't want to be the only acorn in the bunch of peanuts....LOL

Oh and I take that back last year my office wall calander was of Italy the one in the kitchen was a coffe calander. Oh my I'm losing it today... anyway

I hope to find one that will fit in with my travel theme. I'm think France this year as I keep wanting to go there and have pastery Oh wow would it be great to have an outdoor cafe calander or maybe a cross stitch calander...writing quote a day calander oh hell I'm hopeless!!!

What about you how much thought and what types do you like?




  1. I am pretty much in a routine now.

    Amy Brown faeries wall calendar and Shoe a Day calendar at work.

    Maxfield Parrish wall calendar at home


  2. I like the trivia or word of the day calendars.


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