Monday, January 30, 2012


In your family ancestory history have you learned of any surprises? Tell us a little about some of the characters inm your family. Do you have a favorite family member?

I'll tell you a little about mine that I recently learned. My grandmother on my mother's side (she is long dead) was married five times and never bothered to divorce her husbands. This shocked me as when I remember her I remember a hard working woman who tithed every week and was a member of The Seventh Day Adventist Church. She ironed everything, never actually open or used any of her birthday or Christmas Presents. Her hobby was emboridery (which also recently learned) she lovedto wear aprons and jewerly. Grandma Goldie was short very very short and to the day she died she dyed her hair auburn brown. At one point her her life she was a nurse and she just walked away from nursing. Later she cleaned houses and beauty shops. I just never knew about the fact she never bothered to divorce her husband and yes all of her husbands never bothered with a divorce either. She lived in many different states and I guess it worked for her. The family learned of this after she died. She had to have a ceremony but she never had divorce decrees etc...upon more research it was discovered she never divorced them. Her children were very upset (as well they had a right to be) some of the children were by the same father. It never occured to anyone that she had this secret.

Anyway she is my character her name was Goldie Dale....




  1. There was speculation by a local historian about 35 years ago that insanity may run in my family as my two great-great-uncles committed suicide about 15 years apart. That was sufficient for me.

  2. This was very interesting for all of you to learn. Yes we had a few details come to light as well such as my grandmothers sister was a pro and married several times and my other grandmother had a child out of wedlock. I is interesting to see our ancestors as just as human as we are. Great post!

  3. Pam, very interesting. I've never done an ancestry search, although my oldest daughter is working on one. :) Cathryn

  4. My grandparents on both sides were not of the religious persuasion. But when I went back 2 or 3 generations I found that I'm descended from a very long line of Rabbis. One of them was the Rabbi at the Touro Synagogue in Newport. Another was the Sachs family, yeah Sachs 5th. Ave. are distant cousins. LOL

    And then there's my maternal grandmother Lena... She was an alternate on the Nixon nominating committee. She ran for City Council in NYC and was friends with Mrs. Roosevelt.

    Now you all know why I am the way I am. At least the opinionated part.

  5. I have never researched it. Don't really know much of family history except that paternal great grandfather left the Quakers in PA and moved to WV.



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